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The Positive Alternatives for Pregnancy and Parenting Grant Program provides funding to Pregnancy Help Organizations in Georgia who offer “positive alternatives” to abortion by providing support for pregnancy and parenting for up to one year following birth. 

This program was created by the Georgia Legislature through SB 308 (2016) and SB 193 (2017). The Department of Public Health (DPH) awarded the management contract to Life Resources of Georgia in 2017. Requirements are listed below. Please contact us for more information about participation.


  1. Nonprofit organizations in Georgia with a tax-exempt status pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 may apply for this funding

  2. Organizations must have a primary mission of promoting healthy pregnancy and childbirth

  3. Follow financial accounting consistent with generally accepted accounting principles, including an annual budget

  4. Have a board who hires a director who manages the organization’s operations

  5. Have provided pregnancy support services for a minimum of one year

  6. Currently offer pregnancy tests and counseling for women who are or may be experiencing unplanned pregnancies

  7. Provide confidential and free pregnancy support services

  8. Provide each pregnancy client with evidence-based information on fetal development and assistance available following birth, including the Women’s Right to Know booklet, provided DPH

  9. Ensure grant funds are not used to counsel toward abortion, refer for abortion or provide abortion

  10. Maintain confidentiality of all data, files and records of clients in compliance with state and federal laws

Registration HERE is required for secure application access. 

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